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Your people matter!

Give Your Team the Tools to SHINE!

A Shared Vision that creates a 

   Harmonious and

   Inspired workplace, where we can

   Navigate effectively, and feel


Your people matter…and your culture matters! Training is not just a matter of survival – it is what defines and identifies high performance organizations. 

Training is a tool to develop skills and increase knowledge AND provides the following benefits:

  • Improved recruiting – job applicants are looking for an environment that fosters personal development
  • Higher retention – when people know that a company believes in their personal growth, they are more likely to stay longer.
  • Better output – a workforce or volunteers that are more productive, empowered and motivated…. they will put that energy, skills and knowledge into everything they do!

Let me be clear, approaching issues like Diversity and Inclusion require some grit and a commitment to address issues over time…. you know we didn’t get here overnight, right? 

We are extremely skilled in, and committed to…

  • providing a thoughtfully designed space which allows for both compassionate and critical dialogues that can help wake people up from their status quo. 
  • developing conversations that go below the surface can help people identify the things they’ve been too afraid to name. 
  • Guiding people to sit in their discomfort and tension while asking questions they’ve been too afraid to ask and say things they’ve been too scared to say – it is the only way we create real change.

Customized Training

FOG: Understanding the Impact of Implicit Bias

fogged glasses


Increased self-awareness is a critical factor in creating and maintaining a workplace culture that is respectful and harmonious. This training will create and increase awareness of bias and, in the process, create opportunities to change biased behaviors.

Diverse Teams = Stronger Teams!

A diverse group of people having a meeting


Diversity is an action, inclusivity is cultural, and belonging is a feeling. FACT: Diverse teams encourage greater innovation and creativity and perform better. It just makes good business sense!

5 Steps to Build a Dynamic & Effective Board

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Burned out or ineffective board?

Let us share 5 ways to create synergy, energy and productivity with a passionate, diverse and committed board aligned with your vision and mission.