Hands holding heart shaped rock.

Coming January 2020

 Just take a moment and imagine stepping into your "Purpose-Driven Dream Life" this year…how amazing would that be?

What would you be doing? Where would you live? What would you look like? And, how would you feel?

90 Day Dream Quest

Dreams - hot air balloon in the clouds.


If you don't know the answers, you're in good company, because only one out of ten people do. Until you can answer those questions (in detail) you will never get there. That's what the Biblical Laws of Attraction ~ 90-Day Dream Quest (BLOA~90DDQ) is all about. It supports you in getting those answers, creating the action plan, learning and applying God's universal laws and principles that are necessary to make it happen. 

Kingdom Heirs

As Kingdom heirs, it is time for us to step into our GREATNESS, into the DIVINE DESIGN that God has planned for each of us. YES, each of us! It is time for us to stop living outside of our purpose, and well below our means. We have been taught the glories of heaven, the penalties of hell, and the wonders of earth, but we have not been taught the "Secret Laws" of the universe, and how to use them to our utmost advantage. 

It's Not Just About YOU!

YOU have been given a Purpose Driven Dream Life to obtain, and that life is not just about you (forgive for being blunt). Though not all of us were predestined for fame, we each have been chosen to play a particular part in this time for the Kingdom. And that being the case, it is going to take focus, DISCIPLINE, POWER, HEALTH & WEALTH to do it. We no longer have the “luxury” of living in mediocrity. 

Become A Master Manifester

The only requirement is that you trust me when I say that no matter what physical, mental or spiritual state your life is at right now, child of God, it is not too late to walk in your Kingdom calling. Whether you wish to publish a book, start your business, expand your ministry, lose weight, heal your body, buy your first home, or make your first million, the entire universe is waiting to assist you in manifesting not just a good life, but your PURPOSE-DRIVEN DREAM LIFE. 

Program Benefits

  •  Zoë Spirit Practices  
  • Create your Vision Board, map and other tools for manifesting your Purpose-Driven Dream Life 
  • Discover YOUR BLISS (that thing you were created by God to do) - Hint: Find your heart's desire and you'll find your divine purpose
  • Learn how to heal negative heart issues and other blessings blockers
  • Learn how to nourish and strengthen your spirit as if your life depends on it - because it does 
  • Learn how to free yourself from the spirits of fear, stress and anxiety because "peace is not a pill" 
  • Learn how to become a Master Manifester by effectively calling nonphysical substance into the tangible realm
  • Write your Life Declaration and Personal "Screen Play" which will      greatly increase manifestation
  • Learn the right way to give beyond the tithe and receive The Financial Anointing which is available to you now 
  • Develop the discipline and structure your life requires for change 
  • Learn how to activate your Super-being status  
  • Learn how to use the Law Of Expectation to walk in a continuous flow of crazy favor and over-the-top blessings And more... 

Dream ON!

It is not too late to start dreaming again, in fact IT'S TIME TO START DREAMING AGAIN!