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  • Discover 60-second strategies to improve focus, effectiveness, and happiness
  • Access scientifically-based methods to rewire towards greater health
  • Gain practical insight and tools to find calm and respond effectively
  • Host a professional training or retreat

Help Your Team to SHINE!



What would happen if you, or your team, 

were better prepared to manage the day to day stresses of the job…working on the front lines…handling resident/client issues?

  You have equipped your team with the right tools to do the job [they know how to master the mechanics: medication management, case notes, action planning, policies and procedures] – now let us show you the KEY to unlocking that invaluable toolbox. 

OASIS will help each member of your team to be their best self in stressful, tense, overwhelming or high intensity situations.

· In just 60 seconds each team member will equipped to slow down, check where they are internally, make wise decisions and communicate effectively. We teach your team to SHINE!

The OASIS 60 Second Strategies are four scientifically based mindfulness tools that will rewire your brain toward greater health, increase your focus and boost your happiness.

Effective and Empowered Teams + Excellent Organizations 

= Superior Service Delivery.

What do you get?

  • A customized 1, 3- or 8-hour workshop OR retreat
  • In-depth experience of the core Oasis Philosophy and the 4 Key Strategies
  • Exploration of the neuroscience that supports the program
  • A practice to bring peace, focus, clarity of purpose and intention into the world right now
  • Tools to effectively embody OASIS for yourself that will positively impact others

How do I know it works?

Because as a caregiver I was stressed out and burning out when I found OASIS. I have struggled over the years to balance being a busy wife, mother, grandmother, entrepreneur and caregiver for my mum who was living with Alzheimer’s. 

Read my OASIS story here.

Who is OASIS for?

Well, anyone frankly, but I specialize in working with…

  • Caregivers & Providers – those on the front line every day 
  • Direct care staff in residential facilities and organizations that provide quality care and support for residents and clients
  • Case Managers – with full and challenging caseloads
  • Non-profit Organizations – providing services for those most in need