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I’m Anne-Marie Knight…and if you have ever felt:

· FRUSTRATED AND DISAPPOINTED by not achieving your God-given DREAM

· DEFLATED because your board doesn’t “get it!”

· like your God-given VISION was so far off the picture is fuzzy, fading or blocked with all the OTHER THINGS [money, family, time, energy] that get in the way

· Very much ALONE and not supported with your God-sized DREAM 

· OVERWHELMED - your dream is SO BIG that you just don’t know where to start or how to get going

· HESITANT and CAUTIOUS because you have tried and failed, stopped and started, or just couldn’t get going.

And, if you are CONVINCED in your SPIRIT that...

-- there is MORE for you or your organization to do to make an IMPACT in your COMMUNITY

-- Like it is TIME to pull that DREAM off the back burner, and move it into hyper-drive.

-- READY to do this thing FULL OUT, no holds barred, trusting GOD all the way.

I hear you and you are in the RIGHT place!

Here is how SHINE! Consulting and Training can help you ACTIVATE and ACCELERATE your God given VISION.

There is a gap between your CURRENT CONDITION and your DREAM. The SHINE Process is the bridge.

Here’s the thing: 

I believe that the time is NOW for Kingdom Entrepreneurs and social change agents to step up and make an IMPACT in the world! 

How can you find the time, cut through the noise and step radically and boldly into your DESTINY? How can you light a fire under your board, energize your team and lead with PURPOSE?

Let me show you how…step by step…no hype, no drama and no fluff! I will help you find out exactly what works for YOU and those YOU are called to serve.

I have a gift for breaking down complex systems, structures and strategies and delivering BITE SIZED, PRACTICAL STEPS that you will benefit from every day.


About Anne-Marie Knight

SHINE! Consulting and Training was founded by Anne-Marie Knight. Anne-Marie is an expert trainer, facilitator and master strategist.

After 30 years in non-profit management, building two businesses and with a background in engineering, she refocused on what she loves most – her true calling – practically supporting and empowering Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs and social change agents.

She developed an effective 5-step proprietary approach. More specifically, she uses the right blend of tools and techniques - that opens minds and releases God-given dreams - with spirit-led strategies that accelerate organizational or business growth. 

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This step-by-step process is designed to empower your team, and provide the tools, techniques and strategies so that you can focus on what you do best...changing lives!



The shift


In all, we highly recommend Anne-Marie as a colleague, thought partner and business consultant. She shifted our mindset regarding what is possible for ourselves as leaders of a new organization if we throw out limiting beliefs and diligently follow a strategic plan. We are thankful for Anne-Marie’s support in creating a road map to success that will support young people and the community for decades to come.

Business plan magic!



The Business Plan you developed for our company was well-researched, thorough and addressed many areas that we had not considered. You definitely have a gift for seeing what others don’t see and you strengthened our company through the process. Thank you!

Best board retreat ever!


It has been amazing watching you facilitate a business retreat for board members of a not for profit membership organization. You were able to help the board members work through some very tough discussions, especially when the room was very strongly divided during very sensitive issues and topics. Your calm demeanor and expert facilitation skills really helped maintain control of the discussion, especially when tempers would begin to escalate. Through all of the different dynamics that shows up in these meetings that could throw you off the topic, task, goals and timelines, you were still able to end the retreat with the goals established at the beginning. 

I started my business


I was so blessed by the Visioneering Business Plan class. I left feeling more confident and ready to move forward with the business. In fact, I launched shortly after completing your class. You are an anointed teacher...I learned so much. Thank you!


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